About Belinda Phillips

Belinda Phillips is the owner of Beyond Basics and has broad experience with small businesses, the Not for Profit (NFP) sector and the transition to the NDIS for provider organisations. Belinda is innovative, professional and committed to continuous improvement in financial processes and reporting for business owners, management and/or the board.

With considerable experience in project management and the transition to the NDIS for provider organisations in the Barwon trial site, Belinda can bring the lessons learned to your organisation to empower sustainability and growth. Belinda has a lot of experience using MYOB, Calxa and other business systems and has the analytical ability to get the results organisations want, looking at the end reports required and identifying the systems needed to provide that.

Beyond Basics and help your organisation transition to the NDIS through the integration of your accounting, rostering, client management, budgeting and reporting systems.

  • Experience

    Extensive corporate project management experience including the Barwon Health NDIS transition.

  • Proven track record

    A history of delivering successful outcomes.

  • Communication

    Expert at communicating with stakeholders and facilitating relationships.

  • Education

    Bachelor of Commerce – University of Melbourne
    Diploma of Education – University of Melbourne
    Certificate IV in Workplace Training

  • Affiliations


Beyond Basics and the Calxa team worked closely with Leisure Networks in adapting the reporting to the new funding model and in maximising the software. Mick Devine, Calxa CEO, noted, “They’ve expanded since the introduction of the NDIS. They’ve gone from a small organisation to a big organisation in Geelong. And now they’re talking about moving beyond Geelong and expanding even further.”

From <http://www.calxa.com/features/case-studies/item/leisure-networks>

Experience: Barwon Health - NDIS Project

Belinda’s experience in this area includes management of the Barwon Health NDIS project, including coordination of the interaction between Barwon Health and the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) resulting in the development of processes and procedures across all programs that interact with the NDIA.

NDIS integration and system development including:

  • Design and documentation of health service business process systems for transition to  the NDIS
  • Development of FAQ for staff relating to transition to the NDIS
  • Development of a  Service Agreement with NDIA participant and release of information processes between client/Barwon Health and NDIA
  • Development and documentation of systems and procedures  to enable collection of activity data in relevant IT clinical systems
  • Development of processes to ensure  service activity and related billing was processed with a  payment reconciliation established
  • Allocation of work to appropriate staff and monitored  completion and billing

For more experience and work history, see Belinda on LinkedIn.

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