Business Process Redesign

Make better decisions by getting the right information at the right time

  • NDIS - Systems for Clarity, Control & Sustainability

    Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), there is a big change to the way disability service providers are funded.  Block funding will be largely replaced by client-directed funding.

    We can help your organisation to set up systems which will enable you to:

    Review your existing accounting, budgeting and reporting systems.

    Implement processes and systems for efficient NDIS billing.

    Set up effective  management reporting (including unit costing) to enable informed analysis and decision making.

    Measure the profitability of your services. We will assist you to understand costs in relation to the price for the  services your provide, which will be vital to managing organisational viability.

  • Business Analysis Services

    We will help you provide effective management reporting for analysis of business information. We can  streamline your budgeting processes,  implement  financial process improvements, set up effective  cash flow forecasting and KPI reporting  to enable informed analysis and decision making.

  • Monthly Management/Board Reporting Services

    We will provide you with monthly reporting services tailored for your organisation focusing on clear and effective communication of the important information for decision making.

  • On-going Innovation & Support Services

    Beyond Basics can provide support packages tailored for your organisation.

    We will keep you informed, we will make sure we communicate what you need to know, when you need to know it.

    We will regularly check in to see how the processes we have implemented are going.  We will also let you know when there are new innovations and  improvements.

    On-going support will include provision of information tailored for your business as well as regular software system ‘handy hints/tips’ troubleshooting via phone/ email and on-site training as required.


Costing your activities is a crucial part of staying sustainable. With increased competition and set NDIA pricing, you will know exactly where your strengths are. By understanding your costs you can make key decisions on what services you should be providing and which will cost you.

Metrics is a Calxa feature that captures non-financial data such as camp participants or kilometres travelled. Use them in KPIs to display charts for comparison and analysis.

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