What is Calxa?

Calxa is a certified add-on and a leader in Budgeting and Cashflow Forecasting software. Simplifying reporting so that organisations are able to make informed decisions, formulate their vision and make a positive move towards the future.

Why Use Calxa?

Calxa is the leading budgeting and forecasting software.

  • Saves Time: Linking directly to the accounting system, actuals are automatically updated fast-tracking analysis, benchmarking and reporting.
  • Accuracy: Automating the process eliminates human errors ensuring data integrity and accurate reports.
  • Better Control: Getting reports quickly and regularly, provides the platform to make better and more informed decisions.

Who Uses Calxa


Businesses use Calxa to prepare Cashflow projections and KPI reporting. Drilling down to branch and departmental budgets for comparison with actuals and consolidating multiple organisations provide the platform for good decision-making.


Not-for-Profits use Calxa to prepare complex program budgets and calculate unit costs. They are able to bulk upload invoices to the NDIA Portal. The extensive report library includes charts and graphs which helps with grant acquittals and board reports. Calxa offers donations to grassroots NFPs through Connecting Up.

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