Taking care of Surf Coast businesses – Better Business Skill 1:1 Specialist Advisor Program

I have been accepted as an advisor in Accounting Services on the Better Business Skill 1:1 Specialist Advisor Program by the Surf Coast Shire.

My services include setup and training in accounting software and review and implementation of efficient and effective management reporting using a budgeting and reporting software program called Calxa. I am a certified MYOB consultant and a Calxa professional partner. I will meet with clients (and can work remotely using join.me) to identify the management reports required and the systems needed to provide information which will enable them to make better business decisions for organisational sustainability and growth. Services include accounting system review, and recommendations for the best systems to enable the implementation of streamlined budgeting processes, profit and loss forecasting, and cash flow forecasting. Duration 2 hours

The 1:1 Specialist Advice Program is designed to connect Surf Coast businesses to local specialist advice subsidised to help support businesses through the impacts the COVID-19 crisis has had on their business.Eligible businesses will be able to access an initial consultation of professional advice paid for by Council in one of the following categories: Legal , Accounting, Human Resources, Insurance, Business planning, Digital and Marketing,Business coaching.
How does it work?Click on the relevant link below to access the 1:1 Specialist Program.
After completing the online form above, requests will be assessed by the Business Support Team against the selection criteria and matched depending on their needs. Consultations will take place via phone or video conference.If ongoing assistance is required after the initial subsidised consultation, participants can choose to continue to use the specialist service at their own cost.Access to the 1:1 Specialist Advice Program is subject to applicant eligibility.
This is a temporary program that provides limited funding directly to specialist suppliers that are engaged by the Council to support businesses.

Calxa Three Way Forecasting


When do I need a three-way forecast?

When you and your management want to be confident about your cash position.
When you want your business to be attractive to potential investors and lenders.
When you want to bring financial stability to your company, now and in the future.

What is a three-way forecast?

A three-way forecast, also known as the 3 financial statements is a financial model combining three key reports into one consolidated forecast. It links your Profit & Loss (income statement), balance sheet and cashflow projections together so you can forecast your future cash position and financial health.

Because your cashflow forecast is driven by the real-time data in your balance sheet and profit and loss statements, the report has accounting integrity. For this reason, a three-way forecast is also beneficial for banks and investors.

In addition to providing granular financial forecasts that explain the future prospects of your business model, three-way forecasts are accurate, robust and provide the best possible insights for your future financial position.

Why is three-way forecasting important for a business?

A three-way forecast is important for a business as it highlights future financial situations enabling you to ensure that the business can afford to pay suppliers and employees.

COVID-19 Business Resource Centre – MYOB


MYOB have developed a COVID-19  SME Business Resource Centre so you can be prepped and prepared on how COVID-19 will impact your  business.

Click  this link and select the  ‘Latest Covid 19 News’tab and then select your state on the left hand side.



What is Calxa?

Calxa is a market leader in Budgeting and Cashflow Forecasting software. Simplifying reporting so that organisations are able to make informed decisions, formulate their vision and make a positive move towards the future.

Why Use Calxa?

Calxa is the leading budgeting and forecasting software.

  • Saves Time: Linking directly to the accounting system, actuals are automatically updated fast-tracking analysis, benchmarking and reporting.
  • Accuracy: Automating the process eliminates human errors ensuring data integrity and accurate reports.
  • Better Control: Getting reports quickly and regularly, provides the platform to make better and more informed decisions.

Who Uses Calxa


Businesses use Calxa to deliver management reports to their Owners, CEOs, Franchisors and Bank Managers. Use Calxa to prepare budgets, Cashflow projections and KPI reporting. Drilling down to branch and departmental budgets for comparison with actuals and consolidating multiple organisations provide the platform for good decision-making.

Not-for-Profits use Calxa NFPs do detailed program budgets to acquit grants, keep CEOs informed and deliver complex board reports each month.

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The future of technology in the health industry

To read my blog on the MYOB website click this link:  The future of technology in the Health Industry

The health industry is changing at a rapid pace, but healthcare providers aren’t keeping up. 

When it comes to the back-office functions of healthcare providers, they find that their systems are disconnected and inefficient – which is strange because tech in the health industry is improving real outcomes.

This is an industry where an enormous opportunity is opening up thanks to technology such as the Internet of Things, e-health, m-health and interconnected practices.

All of these things offer medical professionals remote, real-time access to in-depth patient health data.

This allows for better monitoring, remote diagnosis, quicker response times and more.

To understand the opportunity in the healthcare space, you need to understand the trends emerging thanks to tech.

Then, you need to be in a position to take advantage of them.

NDIS get ready with Beyond Basics

Preparing for the NDIS Roll Out

The impact of the NDIS and how this webinar can help your organisation:

The NDIS roll out in the Central Highlands of Victoria begins in Jan 2017 .  This new system for the delivery of products and services for those in the disability sector will also bring changes to how provider organisations are funded for those services.  Join industry professional Belinda Phillips from Beyond Basics as she presents her insights into the lessons learned from the Barwon Health trial site and discusses  the systems your organisation needs to  empower sustainability and growth.  Belinda has broad experience with small businesses, the Not for Profit (NFP) and Health sectors and the transition to the NDIS for provider organisations.  She has the analytical ability to get the results organisations want, looking at the  reporting requirements and identifying the systems needed to provide that.

What you can expect to learn from the session:

  • Take stock and review your accounting system, activity costings and cash position.
  • Ask yourself:  How will we manage our clients?
  • Put in place a process to invoice clients and upload claims quickly to the NDIA Portal.
  • Review rostering systems and the workforce management process.
  • Setting up a reporting and tracking mechanism so that your board  and management have  the  information they need for insight into operations and to provide information for forward planning.

Who should attend:

  • CEO’s interested in gaining better tools to provide a clearer insight into the financial direction of their organisation under the NDIS
  • Financial controllers looking to maximise their budgets and free up valuable resources
  • Anyone involved in Disability Support sector with a desire to optimise their client outcomes through fine-tuning and integrating their financial and other systems.

Belinda  has gained first-hand experience of the system requirements needed by provider organisations for sustainability under the NDIS. She and will present that knowledge in an enlightening session aimed at  providing information on how achieve this through system integration and financial process improvement.

for this free webinar and gain some valuable insight on the processes and tools needed to be successful under the NDIS.

Helpful NDIS Resources

NDIS Information:

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)


Subscribe for updates through this sites news link: www.ndis.gov.au/news

For current readiness programs for individuals and carers including calendar of info sessions, workshops etc (Select the Disability tab)


National Disability Services (NDS) is Australia’s peak body for non-government disability service organisations, representing more than 1100 non-government service providers. Collectively, NDS members operate several thousand services for Australians with all types of disability.

The original campaign and online support for related areas


For information about how organisations can prepare to deliver services within an NDIS:

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